Computer Security and Use Statement


Personal and Confidential Information:

I understand and agree that in the performance of my duties at UC San Diego Health System, I must hold information in confidence. In addition, I have reviewed and understand the Rules of Conduct for University Employees Involved with Information Regarding Individuals . Further, I understand that the intentional violation of my responsibilities by unauthorized disclosure of personal/confidential information may result in charges for and of Invasion of Privacy. I also understand that it is against UC San Diego Health System policy to seek out or use personal or confidential information relating to myself or others for my own interest or advantage.

Network Use

Use of network is encouraged in the practice of medicine, patient care, medical research, informatics, business or administration. All other use is prohibited. File transfers of any kind except in association with or furtherance of official UC San Diego Health System business is strictly forbidden.

I understand that under existing California State Law any person who maliciously accesses, alters, deletes, damages, or destroys any computer system, network, computer program, or data shall be guilty of a felony. I understand that the use of another person's computer security code or password, or the delegation of my code to another person, would likely be considered False Representation. I understand that my code constitutes my signature and I will be responsible for access and entries made under my code.

Additionally, for UCSD staff the following applies:

I am advised that failure to comply with these policies and regulations may result in disciplinary action, which could include

  • release from employment,
  • violation of local, State of California, or United States Federal statutes and may carry the additional consequence of prosecution under the law, where judicial action may result in specified fines or imprisonment, or both as well as
  • the costs of litigation or the payment of damages, or both; or all.

I acknowledge receipt of my UC San Diego Health System computer security code I am aware that the References on below outline the University of California Policy and Procedure Manual, UC San Diego Health System instructions and State and Federal laws which I am governed by.

Click here to view the “Related Policies, Rules of Conduct for University Employees Involved With Information Regarding Individuals and References”

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