Computer Security and Use Statement


Related Policies

  1. Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)
    1. 150-15 Protection of Human Subjects
    2. 230-11 Maintenance of Access to, and Opportunity to Request Amendment of Academic Personal Records
    3. 230-29 Policies and Procedures to Assure Fairness in the Academic Personnel Review Process
  2. Policy and Procedure Manual/Staff Personnel Manual (PPM/SPM)
    1. 250-605 Staff Employee Personnel Records
    2. 250-605 (L-1) Staff Employee Personnel Records
  3. Medical Center Instruction Manual
    1. MCP305.2 Release of Medical Record Information

Rules of Conduct for University Employees Involved With Information Regarding Individuals

  1. Employees responsible for the collection, maintenance, use and dissemination of information about individuals which relates to their personal life, including their employment and medical history, financial transactions, marital status and dependents, shall comply with the State of California Information Practices Act, PPM-480-3, Privacy of and Access to Information, Legal Requirements and Implementing Procedures shall be used as a basic source of guidance in administering the Act's provisions.
  2. Employees shall not require individuals to disclose personal information which is not necessary and relevant to the purposes of the University or to the particular function for which the employee is responsible.
  3. Employees shall make every reasonable effort to see that inquiries and requests relating to personal records of individuals are responded to quickly and without requiring the individual to unnecessarily repeat his or her inquiry to others. In other words, reasonable efforts will be made to place the responsibility on the Department for responding to the individual after his/her initial contact.
  4. Employees shall assist individuals who seek information pertaining to themselves in making their inquiries sufficiently specific and descriptive so as to facilitate locating the records.
  5. Employees shall respond to inquiries from individuals, and request from them to review, obtain copies of, amend, correct, or dispute their personal record in a courteous and businesslike manner, and in accordance with PPM-480-3.
  6. Employees shall not disclose personal and confidential information relating to individuals to unauthorized persons or entities. The intentional disclosure of such information to such persons may be cause for disciplinary action.
  7. Employees shall not seek out or use personal or confidential information relating to myself or others for my own interest or advantage. The intentional violation of this rule may cause disciplinary action.
  8. Employees responsible for the maintenance of personal and confidential records shall take all necessary precautions to assure that proper administrative, technical, and physical safeguards are established and followed in order to protect the confidentiality of records containing personal information and to assure that such records are not disclosed to unauthorized individuals or entities.


  1. Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) 480-3 Responsibilities and Guidelines for Handling Records Containing Information about Individuals.
  2. Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.
  3. California Public Records Act (1976).
  4. Federal Privacy Act of 1974.
  5. State of California Information Practices Act (1977).
  6. State of California Education Code, Chapter 1.2, Division 16.5.
  7. University Policy Guidelines, and Legal Requirements on Privacy of and Access to information, June 9, 1978.
  8. University Policies Applying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records, February 1, 1977.
  9. Confidentiality of Medical Information Act.
  10. State of California Penal Code, Section 502, Chapter 858, relating to Computer Crime.

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